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Compact ozone reactor with a special compartment for activated carbon to destroy residual ozone.

Ideal for removing (yellow/brown) colorants from the water with the use of ozone. Ozone generator is not included! Suited for ozone generators up to 500mg/h.

Use pre-filtered water! Inlet: 40mm, outlet: 50mm. Procedure: water & ozone enter the mixing chamber through a venturi. The water then showers down the small holes into the reaction chamber where the ozone can do its job.

The reaction chamber is fitted with a hose connector to re-use residual ozone from this area and mix it once more with the water inlet. The unit also has a residual ozone destroyer for outgoing air that can be filled with activated carbon.

The water has to leave the system through the activated carbon chamber which will remove any residual ozone from the water. Replace activated carbon every 3 months!

The inlet chamber and activated carbon chamber are easy accessible for maintenance. Total height: 58cm. Diameter: 250mm. Max. flow: ± 5m³/h.u.


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