Aquaking Red Label Moving Bed Filter 75/80

Aquaking Red Label Moving Bed Filter 75/80

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The ideal extension of the Red Label drum filter is the Red Label moving bed filter for the perfect biological filtration of your pond water.

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Aquaking Red Label Moving Bed Filter 75/80

The ideal extension of the Red Label Drum Filter is the Red Label Moving Bed Filter. After removing the coarse dirt through the drum filter, the water ends up in this biological filter. In this filter phase, the water is brought into contact with bacteria that grow on a plastic material, the so-called biocarrier. The amount of Biocarrier to be used depends on the amount of waste that the filter has to process.

The Biocarrier is kept moving in the filter by air supplied by 2 air stones. For an optimal processing of waste by the bacteria in the biofilm a certain degree of “pollution” is required.

As a result, it is not desirable for the pre-filter (drum filter) to collect all dirt that is smaller than 70 microns. The Red Label Moving Bed Filters are supplied with air stones and 100 liters of Biocarrier.

The combinations of Red Label Drum filter and Red Label Moving Bed Filter are coordinated in such a way that a stable bacterial culture is guaranteed and the degradation of harmful substances proceeds optimally.


Suitable for a pond with a maximum capacity of 90,000 liters.
Type: 75/80

Size: (L x W x H) 960 x 850 x 935 mm

Max flow: 80 m³ / h

Inlet: 4 x 110 mm

Output: 4 x 110 mm

Including 2 x Air stone

Excl. Air pump 1 x 60 liters per minute

Material: Polypropylene

Including lid

Including Biocarrier 100 litres

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