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Koi Cafe automatic feeders for ornamental fish offers the ease of regular feeding up to 5 times a day.

The innovative design prevents the food to get into contact with moisture. Provided with a sight glass to check the quantity of food (max. 2 kg.). Is delivered with a digital timer and rechargeable batteries (solar panel is optional).

The timer can be set from 2 till 60 seconds. Three different colors. Manufacturer Sweeney Enterprises has been producing automatic feeders of the highest quality for over 30 years and therefore gives a 3 year guarantee!

The Koi Cafe offers a number of large advantages: Saves up to 50% of the feeding expenses (because of the fact that often more than the half of the food ends up undigested in filters).

  • Fish grow better and are more healthy when the food is offered in smaller amounts, multiple times a day.
  • Filter becomes less polluted and gets less peaks to endure.
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