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The Pronto is a simple-to-operate, practical meter for ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential, or Redox) measurements and has been manufactured to serve as a monitor for swimming pools and spas.

The Pronto front case incorporates a large, bright LED indicator. Should the measurements fall below the userselectable ORP values (350 to 850 mV), the red LED starts flashing to alert the operator of an undesired condition.
The Pronto can also be applied for ponds with ozone systems, however with an alarm indication “in reverse”. For pools and spas it is important that the ORP does not fall below a certain value for proper disinfection of the water.

For ponds it is important that the ORP value will not rise above a certain value. Since the LED indicator only flashes under the selected value we have to interpret this alarm in reverse for ponds.

As long as the indicator LED flashes, the ORP value is not too high for fishponds. EXAMPLE: When the ORP value rises above 350 mV, the indicator LED stops flashing to indicate that the ORP value in the pond is too high. Range: -999 to +999 mV with a resolution of 1 mV. Accuracy at 20°C is ±5mV. The ORP electrode has a platinum sensor with 2 metres of cable. 12 volt adapter is included. Pronto casing also incorporates a moulded eye so that it can be installed with just a screw.

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