AQUA SENSE Trickle filters – Small

AQUA SENSE Trickle filters – Small

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AQUA SENSE Trickle filters provide rapid conversion of harmful substances in the pond water in addition to the oxygen-increasing properties making these an excellent biological filter.

These trickle filters are compact in size and are ideal for ponds and/or quarantine systems. Our Trickle filters are equipped with a flat bottom so that no dirt can remain behind.

Size: 50 x 30 x 70 cm (LxWxH)
Material: HDPE black 8 mm or PP crème 8 mm
Pump recommendation: max. 6000 ltr/hour Inlet: 50 mm
Outlet: Waterfall 40 x 10 cm

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A trickle filter is a simple but very effective biological filter with many benefits. The filter is equipped with a spray tube that distributes the water over the filter material. This filter material has a porous structure to which large amounts of bacteria can adhere.

A trickle filter works because a drop of water falls on the filter material, divides, falls further on the underlying filter material and divides further. This allows the water to absorb a lot of oxygen.

Because the water becomes more oxygen-rich, the bacteria grow faster and better than in any other pond filter. The large amount of bacteria can therefore keep a pond clean and clear, while the filter does not need much space.

A trickle filter helps remove phosphates and nitrates from the water, giving you healthy and clear water and greatly reducing the growth of thread algae. The filter is suitable for every pond, because of its high biological effect, they are often used with large ponds and with koi ponds.

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